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Valentine’s Jumbo Paper Clips

Are you looking for something quick and easy for Valentine’s day? Well look no further. Decorated paper clips are nothing new but here is my take on them for a speedy gift to put together for tomorrow. It is also a super easy project for children to do. You only need a handful of items most of which you probably already have at home.

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Here’s what you will need.

Variety of Valentine’s confetti (I got these on sale from Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree (Table scatter decorations)

Sturdy card stock (for backing)

Jumbo Paper clips ( these are approximately 2 inches)

Printed Cork Paper Pad (Hobby Lobby)

Mini Heart Punch

Glue/ Mod Podge

Adhesive gems


Hold the glitter confetti heart against the card stock and cut around. Cut out enough shapes for each heart.

Use the card stock to cut out a heart shape to back the confetti.

Using the mini heart punch, punch out two small hearts from scrap book paper to go on top of the glitter confetti heart.

Use the mini heart punch to cut out small hearts (pink)

Arrange confetti in a design that you desire. Choose various sizes and designs for visual interest. Arrange as desired and remember to use different layers. Adding adhesive gems makes an excellent accent piece.  

Arrange confetti and cut cork board outs on hearts.

Glue confetti pieces in place using the largest piece (heart) as the base.

Glue paper clip onto the card stock hearts previously cut out.

Glue the heart shaped confetti and the heart shaped card stock together ensuring the paper clip is sandwiched between them. Place a weight on it while it dries. Repeat until all paper clips have been used.

Apply a few drops dimensional mod podge on confetti.
Allow mod podge to dry.

Drying time will depend on what glue you use. Once dry apply a few drops of dimensional mod podge on the heart and spread. This will dry clear and make the heart more sturdy.

Allow enough time to dry.

Arranged in attractive packaging.

Your paper clips are now ready to be gifted!

Cute Heart shaped paper clips.



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