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Three Amigos Milk Bottle Vases

Here is another milk bottle raffia project. I call them the Three Amigos. Oh Common! We can have some fun while doing this. People name their cars after all, so why not. This project is pretty easy and if you are pressed for time, no problem.

For visual interest, three different fabrics and materials were layered.

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Here’s what you will need.

  1. Three milk bottles (6” in height).
  2. Red and green burlap strips. 
  3. Raffia ribbon in red and green.
  4. Wooden buttons painted gold.
  5. Thick fabric.
  6. Red and green embroidery thread.
  7. Gift bag gem.
  8. Glue gun, sticks, and scissors


Vase 1

  • Cut the base fabric into three-inch wide strips, and long enough to wrap around the vase. Cut one for each bottle and glue the first one into place. 
  • To complete vase number one, cut a strip of red burlap, about two inches wide and enough to wrap around the bottle. Glue into place.
  • Next, cut a strip of green burlap, slightly narrower than the red strip from before. Glue in place. (hint: you make also use burlap ribbon if that works for you).
  • Fold a piece of the red burlap into place behind the button. Glue into place. 
  • With embroidery thread, sew the design on buttonholes as shown. Glue button in place.

Vase 2

Three Amigos- Vase 1

  • To make vase number two, braid six strands of the red raffia ribbon into a long enough piece, to wrap around the vase twice. Set aside.
  • Add stitches to the button with embroidery thread as shown, and then set aside.
  • Apply the base fabric to the vase and glue into place. Wrap the green burlap strip around the bottle and glue in place.
  • Wrap the raffia ribbon two times around the vase and over the green burlap strip. Glue into place.
  • Fray the ends of the raffia ribbon out as shown and glue the button in place.

Vase 3

Three Amigos – Vase 3

  • For the last vase, make two braids of six strands each of the raffia ribbon. Ensure the braids are long enough to wrap around the vase. Set them aside.
  • Glue gem to button as shown and set aside.
  • Apply the 3” wide base fabric to the vase and glue into place. Wrap the red burlap strip around the bottle, and over the base fabric. Glue into place.
  • Wrap the two raffia ribbon braids on either end of the red Burlap strip and glue in place.
  • Center button on red burlap strip and glue in place.

And that’s it!

This hassle-free project can spruce up your table or mantle in no time. Select the number of bottles that you need, or change it up for different seasons.

Thank you for following along.  For a different variation in milk bottle décor for the holidays, see the Festive Christmas Milk Bottle Vase blog article.

Three Amigos Milk Bottle Vase



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