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Shabby Chic Popsicle Stick Up-cycled Tins

Hi there! If you are looking for another way to upcycle your empty soup cans, then you are in the right place. Popsicle sticks give your old tins a new shabby chic look. This DIY upcycled tin project is fun, inexpensive, and will help you stay organized. Further it is a great way to solve your storage problems when you are on a budget

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Most of the stuff you already have in your home! Don’t throw out those soup and veggie cans!  Once completed you can use them as planters or for desk top storage or just to decorate your space. You also get to upcycle and save the environment at the same time!

Here’s what you will need

-Empty soup or veggie cans. (As many as you wish. As a pretreatment, I ran the cans through the dishwasher cycle to clean them out.)

A pack of jumbo popsicle sticks.

– Scissors


Glue gun and glue sticks.  

-Jute String

-Scrapbook paper


Prepare the sticks. The popsicle sticks will be much longer than the height of the can so you will need to cut them. Using the height of the can as a guide, mark the stick with a pencil at the desired length. Be sure to allow the stick to be taller than the can so the lip does not show.

For mine, it took 13 sticks to cover one tin. Depending on the size of your tin and the size of the Popsicle sticks you use, you may require more or less of them.

Glue the sticks to the can keeping the straight edge to the bottom and the curved end at the top. Allow to dry. You may have to move quickly as the glue dries fast. You may also use alternative forms of glue.

Cut the scrapbook paper into strips 1.75 inches wide and long enough to go around the can. Leave about a quarter inch overlap. Glue the band in place over the popsicle sticks.  (You may adjust accordingly if you want a wider or narrower band)

Cut off enough jute string to wrap around the can about three times. Tie off in a bow.  

Use as a plantern
Or use for storage.

I would love to hear from you! Try this project or another variation of it and let me know it turned out..




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