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Rustic Father’s Day Card

The big day is almost here for all the dads out there. This year celebrate dad with this rustic card he will love. The card looks sophisticated but is really not difficult to make. If dad is a musician, he will appreciate the music notes. Well, let us get started.

What you will need

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What you will need.


If you are using a card stock sheet, cut it down to 11 x 5 ½”. Fold this in half along the long edge.

Use a bone folder to reinforce the fold.

  • Cut the colored paper or light cardstock down to 5” x 4.5”.
  • Using the zig zag scissors cut long the 4.5” edge.
  • Next tear the piece in half. Do not worry if it is not exactly half. The rough edge it produces is intentional. Set aside.
  • Now we need to cut out the leaves. Cut two strips of felt 1” x 3”. Fold one of these pieces in half along the long edge.
  • Trim both ends to form a long leaf. One end (the top) will have a sharper point than the other end (base).
  • Do the same for the other strip. Trim until you are satisfied with the width and shape of your leaf.
  • Draw in the veins of the leaf with a pencil then sew along the lines using stem stitch. If you cannot embroider do not worry. Simply drawing in the veins with a permanent marker will work.  Set the leaves aside.
  • Measure out the ribbon to the width of the card. Cut out the sheet music strip about 1 ½ “wide and then the length will be the width of the card. In this case it is 5 ½” long.
  • Next get out a few strands of natural raffia. Wrap it around the width of the card at least once and leave enough length at the end to tie a knot with about two inches left over on each end. Set the raffia aside.

Now assemble and glue the pieces in place.

  • Glue the colored paper in place. line up the straight edge with the edge of the card. Leave about ¼” border.
  • Next glue the second half in place at a slight angle so there is a gap down the middle. This will have the zig zag edge.
  • Now glue the leaves in place at the center and 2 inches from the bottom. Add the music notes paper strip below the leaves. Glue the ribbon in place making sure it covers the seam from the music strip. It should sit just below the base of the leaves.
  • Warp the natural raffia around the card just above the ribbon, tie a knot and trim the ends to about 2 inches.
  • Glue the raffia in place using a thing beaded line. 
  • Fray out and arrange the ends of the raffia so that they fall over the leaves but do not cover them completely.
  • Place the ‘Father’s Day cutout on the card using adhesive rounds or glue. I created this in word then printed it out on kraft cardstock.
  • As an option you can punch two holes in the top corner and thread it with raffia for an added touch.
  • Add a steam punk button for just a touch of embellishment. This gear design fits in perfectly.

And you are done! Pen your message of love to dad inside!

I would love to hear from you and how this project worked out.

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