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Make Your Own Ephemera Tiles for Mother’s Day Gifts.

Can’t quite find the one piece to compliment your craft? Sometimes its hard to find that one small sentiment to add to a card or gift box. No worries. You can make your own and have it say exactly what you want. These quick and easy tiles can be used on any craft whether it be a card, box, or gift card holder. You can also customize them to your liking.


  • Download a 1 inch square template. There are free ones available online.   
  • Download a free pattern of your choosing.
  • Super impose the squares onto the patterned paper.
Superimpose the tiles on the background
  • Type in your sentiment in the tile area.
  • Adjust the transparency in the tile box so that text shows up against the background. These are 35%
  • Print out on card stock.
Print tiles out on card stock

Cut out each tile. Store away for when you are ready to use.

These tiles can be diverse and really made to compliment whatever craft piece you are working on.

Cut out each tile and store until ready to use.
Use tiles to make accessory pieces for your crafts

I would love to hear how yours came out. Please drop me a line in the comments below.

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