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Easy DIY Easter Themed Bookmarks

I know, I know, hard copy books are slowly becoming a thing of the past. But for those of us who still like the feel of paper under their fingers, this easy DIY project is for you. With us all being at home during this difficult period, this project does not take a lot of time and soon you will be curled up with a book catching up on your reading.

Bookmarks for Easter

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What you will need for all three projects.

  1. Precut bookmarks or card stock to make your own.
  2. Paper punch
  3. Single hole punch
  4. Clear plastic sheets
  5. Stickers, cutouts.
  6. Finger blade or craft knife
  7. Glue, scissors,
  8. Ribbon or cord
  9. Beads (optional)

1. Wooden Cross Bookmark

Wooden Cross Book Mark

This one is very easy with just a few steps to complete the bookmark.

Use a single hole punch to make a design around the edge.


  • These bookmarks measure 6 inches by 2 inches. You may use which ever size you like.  You will need two bookmarks for this one.
  • Using the one-hole punch make a border design. The holes do not have to line up or be perfect.
  • Use a picture of a cross, or a drawing a wooden cross, or a sticker of a cross.  You will need one for each side of the bookmark. Glue a cross on each side.
Glue cross sticker on both sides of the bookmark.
  • Use the one-hole punch to make a hole at the top of the bookmark.
  • Cut ribbon or cord to desired length and thread it through the hole at the top.
Thread cord through the top.

And you are done! This is a simple and easy project that kids can do as well.

Easter Egg Bookmark


  • Using your punch cut out a square in two bookmarks. Make sure that the squares align. Again, any shape would work. I happen to have this Scalloped dot square punch on hand.  
Punch out a square in the bookmark
  • Cut out two pieces from your plastic sheets large enough to cover each square. If you do not have plastic sheets handy not to worry. This project is so small you can up-cycle plastic from a large envelope that has a clear plastic window. Glue the squares in place on the inside face of each bookmark.
  • Select the stickers you would like to use. You will need two identical stickers to glue together (back to back). In my case two egg and two flower stickers. Once you have your stickers ready place them on the plastic window (inside face) of one of the bookmarks. Glue the other bookmark in place over it.
  • The windows should line up with your stickers showing clearly through them. If you do not want the stickers moving around in the window apply a dot of clear drying glue to keep them in place.
Glue both bookmarks together.
Create a window
  • With a single hole punch, punch a hole at the top. Thread a piece of ribbon through. I added beads to mine, but these are optional. Tie a knot at the top of the ribbon to keep it in place.

And that’s it. A fun and simple Easter book mark !

Easter Peace Cross Bookmark

This bookmark also has a window. I did not have a punch big enough to give me the size square I needed for this one, so I did it by hand.


  • Depending on the size of your sticker measure out a square or rectangle. This one was about 1 ¼ inches by 2 ¼ inches.  You will need to do this for two bookmarks. Be sure to keep the squares that are cut out. We will use these later.
Cut out center of bookmark
  • Next cut out the plastic windows for each piece. (see above in Easter Egg bookmark)
  • Glue these in place and allow to dry.
  • Glue two like stickers together (back to back). The ones I used are similar crosses. One says peace and the other says believe. Whichever side of the bookmark is face up you will still have a message of encouragement!
  • Using clear glue, you can put a small dot of glue down to keep the cross in place on one of the windows. Glue the other bookmark in place on top so that the sticker is sandwiched between the two.

I opted to add a little embellishment border. Use a fleur de lis border punch to make a trim for the top and bottom of the window on both sides. You can use the squares that were cut out earlier for the windows. Trim the border down to size and glue in place.

Using the one-hole punch make a hole to loop the twine through. To prevent any unraveling wrap each end in clear tape or glue the ends in place.

I hope you enjoyed these easy fun projects and that they will help you pass the time. You can give them as gifts or keep them for yourself. Happy reading!



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