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DIY Kraft Newspaper Print Tin Planter

‘Extra, extra! Read All About It!’

These DIY cans are perfect for planters and storage. Small plants such as succulents and herbs keep them low maintenance. The compact size allows you to display them on window sills, benches or your counter top.

Furthermore, you can feel good about making your contribution to saving the environment by up-cycling your used tin cans. It’s a win-win all around! For this particular project, I chose a newsprint patterned scrapbook paper in the kraft family to add some yester-century charm.  

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Here is what you will need.

– 2 to 3 empty soup or veggie cans.

Scrapbook paper (I used Every Day Kraft paper pack)

-Jute string (optional)

-Foam brush


-Tape measure


-Glue (E6000)/ Glue gun

-Tiny succulents or herb plant/ soil

*(As a pretreatment, hand-wash or run the cans through the dishwasher cycle to clean them out.)


  1. Measure around the can with a tape measure. Then measure the height of the can. Apply this measurement to the scrap paper and cut out a section of the paper with the dimensions you recorded. Replicate these measurements for each can you have. Ensure that the paper goes around the can once and overlaps a little at the seam.

2. Apply glue to the outside of the can. Carefully wrap the paper around the can as you apply glue. Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles. Let dry for a few minutes.

3. Wrap jute string about three times around the paper covered can and tie in a bow. (This step is optional)

4. Add soil and desired plant. Display DIY planter around your home.



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