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Boho Note Card Box Set

Hello There! Today we will make an easy Boho themed note card box set. I made it to be used for any occasion really, but they work well as a mother’s day gift too. Many of us are working at home now until everything settles down. Maybe you cannot get the the store to buy note cards. If you would like to send someone a personalized note then this project is for you. If you know someone who absolutely loves cute stationary pieces then they will appreciate receiving one of these. It is inexpensive since you probably already have the material in your crafting stash.

Boho Note Card Box set

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What you will need.

Card stock- plain

Cardstock -patterned. The one I used here is the Boho Vibes card stock paper from Hobby Lobby.

Lace trim

Flat back gems

Glue, scissors.

Edge punch


Make the Note Cards

1. Score and cut out 4 rectangles measuring 7” x 4” for the base. Fold each rectangle in half and score the spine with your bone folder to flatten it.

2.  Cut out four squares with the patterned card stock 3” x 2 ¾ “ .

3. Cut strips of lace 5” each. Carefully tack each strip in a circular motion so that they form a rosette.

4. Begin to assemble the pieces. Glue the patterned squares to the blank note paper base. Use your bone folder to ensure that the glue spreads evenly. You may use double sided tape or liquid glue.

5. Using a hot glue gun, apply a dot of glue to the center of the rosette and glue the rosette to the center of the note card. Apply small amounts of glue to any raised sections of the rosette then press down so that it lies flat on the note card.

6. Using your hot glue gun, apply dots of glue on the back of the flat backed gems. Adhere the gems to the center of each rosette.

Make the box

For the bottom

  1. Cut a piece of card stock 5 ¾ “ by 7”.
  2. Using a score board- score out 1” on each of the four sides.
  3. Complete a miter cut at each corner as shown in 2 below.
  4. On the long sides of the box cut two slits at the score lines as shown below in # 3.
  5. Tuck the triangle edge inside and glue in place. repeat for the other three sides.

For the top

  1. For the top cover cut a piece of cardstock 5 7/8 “ x 7 1/8 “. The top should be slightly larger than the bottom so that it fits over it.
  2. Repeat the same steps as for the bottom part of the box.

Make the envelopes

Using the reverse side of your score board follow the envelope measurements for paper size 7” x 7”.  You should have five 7” x 7” squares. Follow the instructions to score out the fold lines for your envelope. I found a great tutorial here from The Sheep’s Garden.

Once you have scored all five envelopes fold along the score lines using your bone folder to reinforce the seam.

The fifth envelope will be used as a template to line the flap of each envelope. Cut off the top flap of the fifth envelope. Place this template on a patterned piece of card stock and trace out four, one for each envelope. Be sure to trace on the reverse side of the paper,  the side you do not want to show.

Cut each flap out and glue in place on each envelope. Fold the sides and then the bottom flap of the envelope and glue in place. Allow to dry.

Make the Belly Band

I chose to do a belly band to embellish the box. You can however decorate the box as you wish.

Using the same patterned card stock from the inside flap of the envelopes, cut a strip 2 inches wide and long enough to go around the length of the box.

Using an edge punch, create a design along both edges. Here I chose a lace punch.

Set the band aside. Using a 3’ circle punch, punch out a circle from card stock. Cut out a square 3” x 3” Use an edge punch to create a design along the edges.

Finally create a large rosette (see above in ‘make the note card’) using a strip of lace 7” long. Glue a flat back gem in the center of the rosette.

Gather and stitch the lace in a circular pattern to make a rosette.

Assemble the square, circle and rosette into a topper as desired and glue together. Glue one end of the band to one edge of the topper. Wrap the band around the box lengthwise. Adjust until you are satisfied with the snugness of the band. Glue the other end of the band to the other side of the topper. Cut off any excess. The band should be able to slide easily on and off the box but sung enough to hold it together.

And that’s it. A complete box card not set in a cute Boho pattern. I hope you enjoyed this. I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a comment below on how yours worked out.



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