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Crafting and making things with my hands have always been a passion of mine. Even as a child I always loved to make things. When I could never quite find that ideal greeting card to say what I wanted it to say, I started to make my own! If I could not afford expensive gifts for my friends in school I would simply make one customized specially for them. I got an early start in primary school learning embroidery stitches and patterns, and, as a family, we would also sit and make Christmas paper decorations for the tree. My parents and teachers encouraged me to continue exploring this creative realm as I grew older, whether it was sketching, making cards or gifts, Christmas decorations, macrame or embroidering cushions, towels and chair backs.

In the summer of 2019 while I was on break I asked myself how could I further share these ideas? Why not start a blog? Today we live in a world where many things roll off the assembly line. I wanted to use my passion and talent to help others express exactly what they want to say to a loved one or special friend, or find that piece of home d├ęcor that speaks to you.

On this blog, I will share ideas and show you how to make your treasures. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your experience at Kaiyuni Kreations!